Unforgettable Team Building at DLRC’s Annual Event

Published 29th June 2023

Unforgettable Team Building at DLRC's Annual Event: Insights, Challenges, and Fun!

What an incredible two days it has been at DLRC’s annual Team Building event! Team members from all corners of the globe came together at the magnificent Luton Hoo to create memories that will last a lifetime. Year after year, DLRC surprises its team with an extraordinary team building experience, and this year was no exception. The theme of this year’s event was “Insights Profiling and Driving, Leading and Reflecting on Change,” offering a unique opportunity for us to delve deeper into our individual characteristics, improve communication, and strengthen our teamwork. It was a chance to explore how we adapt and grow amidst DLRC’s remarkable expansion in recent years.

The event began with some words from CEO Dianne Lee, setting the tone for an engaging and enlightening event. In her opening speech, she underscored the tremendous opportunity that lay before us all. Dianne explained, “By identifying our own profiles and understanding the profiles of our colleagues, we can unlock a wealth of possibilities for improved teamwork, collaboration, and synergy.” She further emphasized, “By recognizing and respecting the diverse perspectives and approaches that each individual brings, we can tap into the collective intelligence and problem-solving capabilities of our team in a more holistic and impactful way.” Dianne’s words resonated deeply, inspiring us to embrace the power of self-awareness and appreciation for our team’s unique strengths.

The event was packed with an array of activities meticulously designed to reflect and reinforce DLRC’s core values of quality, innovation, integrity, flexibility, collaboration, and respect. Furthermore, the theme seamlessly integrated with the four Insights Discovery Colour energies: Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow, and Fiery Red. Let’s dive into the journey we embarked on during these eventful days.


DLRC team building - Insights and Change - Luton Hoo


Insights Profiling: Unveiling Our Inner Colours

Under the guidance of Shaun Roland from Peacock Training Solutions Limited, we were introduced to the fascinating world of Insights Discovery. Shaun captivated our attention by presenting the Insights colour wheel and the distinct characteristics associated with each Insight personality colour, shown below.

Insights colour theory

The roots of personality theory can be traced back to Hippocrates in the fifth century BC, but it was Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who first identified the model of personality that forms the basis of the Insights System. Jung’s ground-breaking work on personality and preferences, published in his 1921 book “Psychological Types,” has since become the cornerstone of personality understanding, inspiring countless researchers to study it throughout history.

By utilizing Jung’s typology, the Insights Discovery profile provides a framework for self-understanding and personal growth. Research suggests that a solid grasp of our strengths and weaknesses empowers us to develop effective strategies for communication and enables us to respond better to the challenges in our environment.

Shaun led an engaging Insights workshop where teams were formed based on their Insight colours. Each team was given the task of planning a village fete within just five minutes. It was fascinating to witness the diverse approaches taken by each group, reflecting their unique Insight colours. From meticulously crafted lists to intricately labelled maps, each team showcased their distinct strategies. When it came time to present their plans, laughter filled the room as the teams shared their imaginative ideas, with a particular emphasis on the offerings of the fete bar!

After gaining a deeper understanding of the different traits associated with each Insight colour, we were challenged to present a weather forecast tailored to appeal to a different Insight colour. To captivate the Cool Blue group, we presented them with an extensive list of timings, details, and explanations. In contrast, the Fiery Reds, known for their no-nonsense approach, drew a roar of laughter by presenting a concise weather forecast with just two words: “hot!” and “dry!”.

These activities provided us with invaluable tools to understand our fellow DLRC members, learn effective collaboration, and foster open feedback conversations. Shaun emphasized that every individual possesses a blend of Insight colours, highlighting the fact that the model is not one-size-fits-all.


DLRC team building - Insights and Change - Luton Hoo


DLRC Challenge: Igniting Innovation

Rebecca Findlay, Business Transformation and Training Lead, and James Biddlecombe, Business Transformation and CTR Lead, set the stage for an exhilarating DLRC Challenge. We were divided into teams and tasked with creating an innovative new product for the conceptual company, DLRC Motors. The challenge required us to develop, design, and pitch a fictional electric car that aligned with DLRC’s commitment to sustainability. Throughout the process, teams had the opportunity to seek feedback from the “board,” “focus groups,” and “an expert design agency,” mirroring the real-life change management processes we encounter at DLRC.

As we appointed our project leads, the blue Insight colors displayed their characteristic time-management skills by immediately setting timers to keep track of progress. Meanwhile, the red and yellow Insights often assumed the role of project lead, driven by their natural leadership qualities.

Just when the teams were settling into their projects, a surprise twist awaited us—the team leads were swapped among different groups. While some found this change exciting, others needed time to adjust. This unexpected turn of events symbolized the ever-changing landscape of regulatory affairs, DLRC itself, and the adaptive nature of our teams based on ongoing projects.

And then came the moment of truth—the pitches! The room buzzed with anticipation as each team presented their innovative ideas. From an “accordion” expanding car to pigeon-proof paint, flying motors, and even a unicorn-themed “Solarcorn” (shown below), the pitches were a showcase of creativity and individual personalities.

This exercise reinforced the presence of DLRC’s core values within our teams. Each group demonstrated elements of quality, innovation, integrity, flexibility, collaboration, and respect throughout the task, making us proud of our shared commitment.


DLRC team building - DLRC Challenge


Creative Arts: Unleashing Artistic Ability

Hosted by Frankie Martin, the creative arts segment gave us the opportunity to unleash our artistic side through mosaic making. Each team member received a small square to plan, design, and grout their mosaic art piece. The Insights colors were on full display as some team members approached the task with excitement while others embraced a more abstract approach.

To symbolize our unity, each art piece was grouted in the team members’ Insight color. These individual creations will eventually be assembled into four larger boards—red, yellow, green, and blue—and proudly displayed in the DLRC UK office in Letchworth as a thoughtful reminder of this incredible team building event.


DLRC team building - Insights and Change - Luton Hoo


Games: Forging Bonds Through Challenges

Led by Head of IT and Systems Drew Williams, the games segment brought us together to tackle challenges that tested our communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

In one particular game, we were tasked with lowering a long, light pole to the ground using only our index fingers. Sounds simple, right? Well, it quickly became more challenging—and hilariously funny—than anticipated. Some team members attempted to provide verbal instructions to guide the others, while others resorted to shouting, “Down! Down! Down!” until the whole group joined in. Eventually, we discovered the secret to success: moving slowly and working together.

The second task involved building the tallest free-standing structure capable of holding a marshmallow on top, using only straws, uncooked spaghetti, Blu-Tac, and sticky tape. Despite numerous collapses and rebuilds, the spaghetti tower challenge proved to be a fun exercise that offered profound insights into collaboration and team success.


Socialising: Building Lasting Connections

Beyond the jam-packed activities, there was ample time for socializing and enjoying each other’s company. We kicked off the evening with a delightful drinks reception on the patio before moving inside for a “Grill The Board” session. During this session, individuals had the chance to ask burning questions directly to DLRC’s board of directors, gaining valuable insights into various policies and processes within the company. The board responded transparently, offering clarity on the subjects under discussion.

Following the insightful session, we indulged in dinner, engaging in lively conversations while savouring delicious cuisine. And what’s a team building event without a pub quiz? DLRC’s very own Principal Consultant & Senior Team Lead, Tim Beaujeux, hosted a 50-question quiz that kept us engaged, laughing, and occasionally conjuring up some hilariously improvised answers.


Wrap Up: Enriched and United

After a restful stay in the luxurious rooms of Luton Hoo, it was time for the event wrap up. The DLRC finance team started the session with a financial update, sharing exciting improvements to streamline our internal processes. We eagerly absorbed the news about enhancements that will make our work more efficient and look forward to reaping the benefits.

Next, it was time for the DLRC Challenge wrap-up, where Rebecca and James shared the best DLRC Motors picture. They also highlighted their observations throughout the different groups, identifying common themes among the different Insights colours, such as taking the lead or stepping back. These insights provided valuable lessons that we can apply in our daily work lives.

Lastly, CEO Dianne Lee took the stage to express her gratitude for everyone’s enthusiastic participation throughout the day. The smiles on our faces were a testament to the fun, insightful, and constructive nature of the event. Dianne emphasised the value of learning more about Insights Discovery and the importance of self-awareness in personal development, effective teamwork, and authentic leadership.

As the day drew to a close, some team members opted to stay and enjoy the luxurious facilities offered at the stunning location. Whether it was playing golf, swimming, engaging in a tennis match, or simply unwinding in the spa, the choice was yours.

While we may embody four different Insights colors, it was evident that we were all passionate about learning more about ourselves and each other to foster a harmonious and productive work environment. The entire event was a resounding success, leaving us with increased knowledge, self-awareness, stronger relationships, and cherished memories.

DLRC team building - Insights and Change - Luton Hoo


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