Environmental, Social,
Governance (ESG) & Wellbeing

A commitment to ESG and employee wellbeing are important aspects of DLRC’s values.

Respecting our employees’ work-life balance and providing them with flexible working options creates an environment where our employees can produce output with exceptional quality for our clients.

Respecting the environment and being a responsible and productive member of society requires flexibility, innovation, and collaboration. Contributing to our local community is just one way we uphold our integrity.

Please see the News section for ESG & Wellbeing blogs. Topics include ‘The Environmental Impact of Pharma’.

Environmental Sustainability

DLRC recognises that being a responsible corporate citizen requires a firm commitment to following conscientious environmental practices. We strive to continually reduce our environmental impact. DLRC is prepared to lead by example in promoting a sensible and considerate attitude to the environment.

ESG Environmental


DLRC has partnered with Amber Ltd to work towards our goal of becoming Net-Zero.


DLRC aims to be 100% paperless by 2025. We are well on track to reach this goal which can be seen by our progress to this point. Between 2019 and 2020 our paper usage was reduced by 78%.


In 2019 DLRC installed energy efficient LED lighting throughout our office. This was achieved through collaboration with the landlords.


DLRC is committed to reducing waste output: decreasing consumption, recycling where possible, and finding ways to reuse materials which would otherwise go to waste. Repurposed materials include IT equipment donated to local schools.

Employee Wellbeing

DLRC views employee satisfaction both as an end in itself and as vital to achieving excellent output for our clients. As such, we provide unparalleled opportunities for professional development and advancement within the company as well as a range of robust policies to ensure that employee mental health and wellbeing are provided for.

ESG Employee Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing adds years to lives and aids recovery from illness; it is also a necessary aspect of living a fulfilling life. Every UK business has a duty of care requirement for employee health and safety, including wellbeing.

At DLRC we have a number of wellbeing initiatives and provisions. These include free access to the Headspace mindfulness app, fortnightly health talks, and informal wellbeing groups such as a lunchtime walking group.

This year we are taking part in the MIND Workplace Index. This index is designed to assess areas of excellence and areas of improvement in employee wellbeing.

Our wellbeing initiatives are coordinated by our Wellbeing Lead and a team of Wellbeing Champions, all of whom have been trained by the mental health charity, MIND.

ESG Mental Health and Wellbeing

Employee Satisfaction

Training and Professional Development

DLRC offers unrivalled opportunities for training and professional development through both internal and external training. Training covers everything from regulatory strategy to publishing, new graduate training including the opportunity to complete an MSc, Directors are trained on Role of the board and finance training at the Institute of Directors. In addition, health and wellbeing workshops take place regularly as these factors are also essential for professional development and employees thriving.

ESG Training and Development

Flexible Working

DLRC’s modus operandi is flexible working. Working location ranges from the DLRC office in Hertfordshire, to home working all over the UK, and working from abroad. Working hours are also highly flexible with employees working only during school hours to regular full and part time contracts.

ESG Flexible Working

IIP Silver Award

DLRC had the honour of being awarded an Investors in People Silver Award in 2021. This Award is recognition of our exemplary investment in our employees and the resultant employee satisfaction. Our employees feel well supported, part of a team, and listened to. Moreover, they feel that they are encouraged to achieve their best, are trusted, and trust their managers and senior management to do what is best for both employees and the company.

Investors in People Silver

Community Sustainability

DLRC has strong ties with the local community. These links, organised by our Charities Committee, are formed through charitable donations, volunteering, and working with schools. We have a minimum of one whole company charity event per quarter, including a ‘Christmas Jumper Day’, Jeans for Genes Day, and Garden House Hospices’ ‘Charlie Chicks’ Campaign.

ESG Charity

Schools and Students

DLRC has worked with Knights Templar School in Hertfordshire to provide interview training and talks on employee pathways to their jobs. In addition our Managing Director, Dianne Lee, is an Enterprise Advisor for the school.

DLRC has provided laptops to local schools in Hertfordshire and the Hive School in the Dominican Republic.

DLRC works with the Education and Training Foundation to host events that provide teachers of T-Levels an opportunity to experience the working practices of employers in the Health and Science industry.

ESG Schools and Students


DLRC has a dedicated policy for volunteering. We have a strong track record for taking part in community volunteering events as well as whole company volunteering days. Employees also have the opportunity to take paid time off work to complete charitable volunteering.

ESG Volunteering

Garden House Hospice

DLRC has a particularly strong link with Garden House Hospice. Our focus on a health care providing charity is an appropriate choice given our industry. DLRC takes part in the annual GHH charity walk and has provided knitted ‘Charlie Chicks’ and £3,500 worth of easter eggs for the charity’s Easter fundraising drive each year.

Garden House Hospice

Laptops donated


Eggs bought for GHH


Health talks given

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