EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform Workshops: An Overview

Published 20th June 2023

EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform Workshops: June 2023

Introduction: EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform Workshops

The 22nd and 23rd June sees the launch of the first in a series of workshops set to facilitate discussions on clinical trials within the EU. The EU multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) to improve clinical trials in the EU, is one of several deliverables proposed in The Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU (ACT EU) initiative, which has the overall aim to strengthen the unions position as a global competitor for innovative clinical research.


ACT EU Initiative and Its Key Players

ACT EU was launched as a joint initiative between the EMA, Heads of Medicines Agencies, and the European Commission in January 2022. A strategy paper, ‘Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU (ACT EU) – Delivering an EU clinical trials transformation initiative, outlined the proposals for the programme including its priority actions (PA) for 2022-2023. This paper and the ACT EU 2022-2026 multi annual workplan, adopted in August 2022, outlines ten priority actions and their key deliverables, which will contribute to the transformation of clinical trials within the EU.


Priority Action 3 – Establishing the Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP)

Priority Action (PA) 3 the multi stakeholder platform, sets out to establish a forum for which all stakeholders, both European and at a member state level involved in the many aspects of clinical trials such as their design, regulation, performance, and participation, can input into the discussion of the future of clinical trials within the EU. The EU multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) workshop aims to facilitate scientific methodological, and technological discussion to ensure that advancement in clinical trials continues.


Public Consultation on the EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP)

Public consultation, Priority Action 3 concept paper: an EU multi-stakeholder platform for improving clinical trials, was conducted earlier this year to determine interest in the participation of the EU multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) and its proposed priorities. The outcome of the consultation is now available, and it is anticipated that this will be presented and discussed during the workshops. Following this, the EU multistakeholder platform (MSP) and the workplan will be formally finalised.


Workshop Objectives and Stakeholder Participation

The workshop will host stakeholders from industry including healthcare professionals, academia and patients and will enable participants to:

  • Consider the perspectives of other stakeholders.
  • Discuss feedback on the EU multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) as a result of the public consultation.
  • Discuss priority areas highlighted during the consultation.
  • Present and discuss a proposed model for the establishment of the EU multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) in ACT EU.


DLRC’s Involvement

EMA have invited DLRC to attend the workshop as part of a representative selection of stakeholders. DLRC is excited to be part of the EU multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) and to have the opportunity to contribute to these discussions.



The launch of the EU multi-stakeholder platform (MSP) workshops signifies a crucial step towards enhancing clinical trials in the EU. By facilitating discussions among stakeholders, the ACT EU initiative aims to transform the landscape of clinical research within the region. The involvement of organizations like DLRC highlights the industry’s commitment to driving innovation and improving the overall effectiveness of clinical trials.


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